Cantilever welding machine_Auto welding

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product description
 column-beam welding machine adopted the imponed AC transducer. The equipment is stable and reliable is operation, and has the quick move-back function.The tracking arc-guide mechinaism is three-spindle tracking system to guarantee the alignment ang not bias are on the weld.The main frame and the welding machine are perfomed integrated interlocking and the equipment is provided with flux auto-recovering system and it is easy controled, and highly efficient.
Main Technical Partameters
TypeXBHHeight of web(mm)200-2000mmWidth of flange(mm)200-800mmLength of H-beam6000-15000mmWelding machinesMZ-1-1000auto-submergedtwo sets of modelMZ-1-1000 auto union melt welderWelding modeship-weldingWelding velocity0.3-1.5m/minReverse velocity3m/minTrack distance1150mmPower of the assembling machine4.75kw(welding machine is excluded)

Cantilever welding machine


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