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product description

15M Edge Milling machine is an advance milling machine which adopt new technology, it is widely used in industries of pressure vessel, boiler, ship building, electric power and chemical industry and mechanical and so on.  Before welding, the plate should be in processing straight edge, bevel edge and U type groove.

Advantages of our edge milling machine:

  1. The machine body is welding parts, after welding; the workpiece was backfired in high temperature and stress-released to avoid deformation.

  2. The arrangement of guide rail is the combination of suspending type and base type, this combination has greatly improved the stability than common suspending type, and also can reduce the vibration during work.

  3. guide rail is adopt high quality 45﹟ steel, it is after forging and planning and aligning, and then precise treatment, quenching and precise milling, then fixed by screw on the body, so that can improve guide rails’ precision and wearability..

  4. Each feeding structure of milling head is driving by one frequency motor.

  5. the facer of milling head is adopt common facer

  6. There’s workpiece-guard device to make the positioning fast and convenient, then greatly improved efficiency.

  7. There’s a throat hole at end beam, when milling super-long workpiece, can extend to another face then continue work。

  8. The panel adopts safe slip-touch cables, which is safe and beautiful。

Technical parameter:

  • Max length of workpiece:15m

  • Milling thickness:6-80mm

  • Max depth of milling:3mm

  • Milling angle:0~45°

  • Model of milling head: 1TX32

  • Power of milling head motor:2*5。5KW,turning speed:1420 r/min

  • Suitable diameter of milling cutter:D=100~250 mm

  • Turning speed of main shaft:80~400 r/min

  • Expansion length of main shaft:63 mm

  • Milling forward speed:2 m/min~0.6m/min﹑

  • Forward motor power:5 kw

  • Quick forward and return speed of milling: V=2 m/min

  • Power of hydraulic system:5.5 kw

  • Pressure of hydraulic system:≤5 Mpa

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