Steel Sheet Shot Blasting Machine_Auto welding

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product description

 Steel Sheet Shot Blasting Machine

BP2500-6 Steel Sheet Shot Blasting Machine mainly includes: work piece conveying system, shot blast cleaning machine, dust-removal system, electrical control system, etc.

The process flow is: load work piece by crane—feed shot—shot blasting—clean—unload work piece by crane。

Technical data

Workpiece sizewidth2500 mm
Sheet thickness6~60 mm
length×height15000×400 mm
Roller conveyorWorking speed0。5~5 m/min
Effective width2500 mm
Quality standardSurface cleanlinessA-BSa2~Sa2
Surface roughness(15~50)μm
Shooting speed65~70m/s
power(No.×unit power)(6×15)kw
LifterLifting capacity120 T/h
power7.5 kw
SeparatorSeparating capacity120 T/h
speed4~5 m/s
Longitudinal screw conveyorConveying capacity120 T/h
power5.5 kw
Feeding screw conveyorConveying capacity120 T/h
power2×4 kw
Shot feeding deviceDriving gate working gas pressure0.4×0.8 Mpa
Dust cleaning systemDuster typeLMC-18
Duster ventilation capacity18000 m3/h
Centrifugal ventilatormodel4-72-5A
Ventilation capacity18000 m3/h
Wind pressure2022 Pa
power15 kw
Shot cleaning systemVentilation speed18000m3/h
Fan power18.5 kw
Roll brush motor power3 kw
Total power154 kw
Dimension7900×3100×3300 mm
Height over floor6600mm
Depth under ground2400mm


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