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H beam shot-blasting and cleaning machine

product description

H beam shot-blasting and cleaning machine


Technical Specifications

H-beam shot-blasting machine and cleaning machine with HGP continuous rolling series is researched and developed on accordance with the feature of the steel structure.

The machine is adopted with computer 3-dimension dynamic simulating design to locate the position of the shot -blasting machine.The machine is equipped with a highly efficient filter-barrel pulse back-blowing removal.

Main technical parameter

Section(width x height)800*1600mm1000*1800mm1200*2000mm
length of the work-piece3000*12000mm3000*15000mm3000*15000mm
Cleanness of surfaceA-B Sa2~Sa2 ½A-B Sa2~A-BSa2 ½A-B Sa2~A-BSa2 ½
Roughness of the surface15-5015-5015-50
Quan。 of shot-blasting8*200kg/min8*200kg/min8*200kg/min
conveyor allowable load1000kg/m1000kg/m1000kg/m
conveyor speed0.5-5m/min0。5-5m/min0。5-5m/min
Ventiation capacity12000m³/h12000m³/h12000m³/h
Circulating quan。 of shots120T/h120T/h120T/h
Nominal size(L x W x H)6770x2100x2900mm7200x2300x3250mm7200x2520x3650mm
Depth of the pit1950mm1950mm1820mm
Total power135kw140kw140Kw

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