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Plasma(P+T) automatic welding machine equipment

product description

Plasma welding machine, plasma automated welding machine, plasma welding equipment

Plasma ring seam P+T welding automation machine equipment, plasma longitudinal seam P+T welding machine equipment success case sharing

The plasma ring seam longitudinal seam P+T welding machine is mainly composed of mechanical mechanism and plasma power supply. The following is a part of the mechanical structure of the plasma longitudinal seam ring seam P+T welding machine. Now we share several mechanical pictures. Will understand: Click: Plasma Operation P+T Welding Tooling

Equipment physical scene

产品概述 products summary  

The side beam series equipment is mainly used to complete the ring work of the cylinder workpiece or the straight seam welding of the workpiece. It has the characteristics of small footprint and convenient lifting of the workpiece. It must be used together with the turntable, workpiece support frame, tooling or roller frame for the workpiece wall. This equipment is not recommended for workpieces with a thickness of less than 2 mm. The commonly used welding process is MIG/MAG or PAW, which is suitable for longitudinal ring seam welding of stainless steel welded pipes, container cans and the like.

Performance characteristics

● Mainly used for straight seam welding of large diameter pipes, cylinders and other workpieces;

● It can be combined with the roller frame, head frame and other tooling to achieve the circumferential seam welding of the workpiece;

● Suitable for welding carbon steel, stainless steel and other materials;

● Suitable for various welding methods such as TIG, MIG。PAW, etc。

● It has the characteristics of small footprint and convenient lifting of workpieces;

技术参数 technical parameter

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Plasma power section:


Plasma power supply introduction:

Principle of plasma arc welding: Plasma arc welding is a welding method that uses a plasma arc as a heat source。 The gas is dissociated by arc heating and is compressed as it passes through the water-cooled nozzle at high speed, increasing the energy density and dissociation to form a plasma arc。 Its stability, heat generation and temperature are higher than the general arc, so it has a large penetration and welding speed。 The gas forming the plasma arc and the shielding gas therearound are generally argon。 Depending on the material properties of the various workpieces, it is also possible to use a mixed gas such as helium or argon argon or argon。

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