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How to choose the welding robot's positioner

How to choose the welding robot's positioner


The development of welding robots has accelerated the production efficiency in the welding field. Although the welding robot is a large-sized welding machine, its shape is awkward and often needs to be lifted during the welding process. At this time, the welding positioner needs to be blessed. The welding positioner is a common auxiliary product in the welding field, mainly with the welding robot to speed up the welding efficiency. So how do you choose the right positioner for the welding robot? The following points are important.

Welding positioner

1。 The device provides protection to the operator to prevent radiation and splashing。

Second, the welding robot and the positioner work together to improve the accessibility of the weld.

3. When welding thin plates, the welding speed can be increased by displacement, and vertical welding can also be realized.

Fourth, the human-machine interface is friendly.

5. When welding robots are welded, two sets of worktables can be used. When a set of workbench is in operation, the operator can load or unload the workpiece on another set of workbenches.

6. This can be especially important when the weld is in a flat weld position, especially when welding a critical thickness weld.

7。 Reduce the repetitive positioning of the robot, that is, reduce the cycle time and reduce the wear of the torch hose on the production line。

These selection points can select suitable positioner equipment for the welding robot to ensure its work efficiency and safety issues。 The operation of the positioner plays an important role in the welding robot

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