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How should truss manipulators and robots + ground tracks

How should truss manipulators and robots + ground tracks or walking tracks be selected in robotics projects?


     The truss manipulator is a fully automatic industrial equipment based on the right-angle X, Y, Z three-coordinate system, the work station adjustment of the workpiece, or the movement of the workpiece. Its control core is realized by industrial controllers (such as: PLC, motion control, single-chip microcomputer, etc.). After the controller analyzes the signals of various inputs (various sensors, buttons, etc.) and makes certain logic judgments, execute the commands for each output component (relay, motor driver, indicator, etc.) to complete X, Y. , Z-axis joint motion, in order to achieve a complete set of fully automated work processes.

     The truss manipulator can be easily understood as a multi-directional travel axis. The Z-axis end can be equipped with a fixture to achieve space work. The ground rail is generally only linear motion, but most of the ground rails will work with industrial robots. Realizing space movement; simply comparing the truss manipulator with the ground rail, the cost of the truss manipulator will certainly be much higher. After all, the truss manipulator is equivalent to multiple sets of ground rails, and there are also columns, the installation process is also complicated, and the cost is naturally much higher. However, under the same scope of work, the cost of the ground rail plus industrial robots may be comparable to that of the truss manipulators. If the imported boompanese industrial robots are even more expensive.

   Some automated workshops have limited space, or the required travel is large, robots + ground rails may not be realized, and only truss robots can be selected. The truss manipulators are customized according to the customer's needs. Once the site is moved, there is almost no reuse value. Industrial robots can be reused when the venue changes, so many businesses do second-hand robot business, no one will buy and sell second-hand truss robots.

   It can be seen that the truss manipulator and the robot + the ground rail or the walking track have different application values according to different needs.

   Many merchants say, "I can do the ground rails, I can definitely do the truss." I don't think it is necessary to separate the truss manipulators. The principle of the ground rails is basically the same, and the work is exactly the same, but the installation and debugging of the trusses is better than the ground rails. It is much more complicated. One axis moves simply. It is not necessarily smooth to move multiple axes together. This requires more experience to ensure the smooth operation of the project.



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