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Automobile field character compartment car board robot weld

Automobile field character compartment car board robot welding workstation

Product Features Description:

    1. The equipment does not need to teach programming, can automatically find the position of the workpiece, scan to find the spatial position of the weld, carry out correct welding, the workpiece size requirements are low, the bending degree, length, width, height, position, etc. of the same kind of workpiece Consistency allows for bias.

2, the program compatibility is strong, the same type of artifacts, you can use a program.


3, the programming is simple, can be programmed offline, without the need to teach, automatically generate welding trajectories;


天津快乐十分开奖结果4, to meet the welding requirements of different sizes of the panel, according to the different workpieces, manually call the corresponding program stored, the robot automatically welding;

      5。 The welding method can meet the program control of intermittent welding and full welding。 The welding length and the number of welding segments can be set arbitrarily during intermittent welding。

6。 Automatic compensation of the welding position is achieved, that is, the length of the weld is allowed to change, and the length of the change is not more than 100 mm。

7, with welding gun swing function, swing, swing frequency adjustable。


8。 Robot workstation, after manual positioning, one-button start, automatic scanning, automatic welding, automatic clearing, and the robot automatically returns to zero after welding。

9。 Adopt touch screen man-machine interface to facilitate the setting of parameters such as welding。


10. Welding parameters (including welding speed, current, voltage, swing parameters, etc.) are digitally adjustable.


            11, welding procedure parameters, can be uploaded, downloaded (computer cooperation), convenient for user data preservation。

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