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Automation Solution of Drawing and Stamping Connection


Automation Solution of Drawing and Stamping Connection

Functional Profile:

1. This line equipment includes: 1 closed hydraulic press, 1 400T closed double crankshaft punch, 1 feeding manipulator, 1 feeding conveyor belt, 1 connecting rod manipulator, 1 excessive conveyor belt, 1 three-dimensional manipulator, 1 feeding platform and 1 master console.

2. The automatic feeding line adopts automatic feeding (filling the feeding frame in advance). After oiling, cleaning and positioning, the feeding manipulator pushes the product into the feeding conveyor belt.

After conveying and positioning, the material sheet is sent to the die of the hydraulic press by the connecting rod manipulator, and the pressed product in the die of the press is carried to the excessive conveyor belt at the same time。

The product is transported and positioned on the over conveyor belt to the graspable position of the three-dimensional manipulator, which is sent to the die position by the three-dimensional punching manipulator. After the punching machine works, the three-dimensional punching manipulator grabs the feeding material backward in turn. After the punching is completed, the product is transported to the feeding table, and the manual feeding is completed.

Automation Solution of Drawing and Stamping Connection

Main advantages:

1. Replacing manual operation can reduce the danger of stamping to operators, improve safety factor and save manpower.

2。24 hours of uninterrupted work to improve efficiency, Cycle Time 6-20 pcs/min (calculated by the slowest press equipment in the production line)。

3. High stability, reduce the impact of fatigue on product quality.

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