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Auto Production Line for Oil Press Press of Electric Rice Cooker



Solution of Automatic Production Line for Oil Press Press of Electric Rice Cooker

Brief Introduction of Automatic Production Line of Oil Press Press for Electric Rice Cooker

1. Place the finished sheet manually on the stacking device and use the continuous non-stop stacking method.

2。 Model 400 multi-functional high-speed manipulator automatically fetches, distributes and oils from the stacking device, and then sends them to the die。

3. 400 multi-functional high-speed manipulator is equipped with double-sheet detection device to ensure that each feeding is a single sheet;

4。 After the first stretching, the first four-axis robot starts, absorbs the product and puts it into the second hydraulic press die for the second stretching。

5. After the second stretching is completed, the four-axis robot with slideway absorbs the second stretching and moves into the first stamping die for the first stamping.

天津快乐十分开奖结果6. After the first stamping process is completed, the four-axis robot absorbs and accurately places it in the stamping die of the second punch press for the second stamping process.

天津快乐十分开奖结果7. After the second stamping, the three-axis robot absorbs the workpiece and places it on the product line.

8。 Personnel can take the product from the finished product conveyor line and inspect or pack it so as to realize automatic production and management。

9. Because drawing takes longer than stamping, two rows of drawing arrangement are adopted in this scheme.

10. All punches and robots adopt a joint control system, which is unified and ergonomic.

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