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Laser robot cladding

Laser robot cladding

Laser robot cladding is composed of welding robots, positioners, and some robot rails, plus chillers, lasers, control cabinets, powder feeding equipment, and cladding heads. The same is true for plasma robot cladding, except that the generator power supply is different.

The following part of the project is introduced by Wuxi Youcai Robot. The first is the welding robot. Don’t say it here, but note that the laden robots are generally robots with a load of 20 kg or more. The specific Wuxi Youcai 20 kg. I will not introduce the welding robot here. The specific parameters of the welding robot body can be clicked to view: welding robot

Of course, there are also positioners that can be viewed: excellent positioner, chiller, laser, control cabinet are all common, I will not introduce it, let's introduce the cladding head and powder feeding equipment.

Laser processing heads can be divided into laser cutting heads, laser welding heads, laser quenching heads, laser cleaning heads, laser cladding heads, and laser additive manufacturing heads according to the target requirements of customers using laser processing。 The laser processing head is based on a comprehensive understanding of the imported laser processing head, combined with a large number of process practices to upgrade and upgrade, using a modular design。

First, the laser coaxial cladding head

It mainly includes optical shaping part and coaxial powder feeding part (including: ring feeding nozzle, multi-beam nozzle (three or four), auxiliary part (flow meter, powder separator). It can be connected with Laserline, TRUMPF, Lasers such as IPG are used interchangeably.

Second, the product parameters:

Product model: UCRT03

Collimation distance: 100mm, 200mm

Focusing distance: 300mm, 400mm, 600mm

Applicable wavelength: 900-1100nm

Interface matched with fiber: QBH or QD, power: ≤6000W; powder feeding: ring or bundle powder

Optional module: protective gas meter module, temperature alarm module, spot adjustment module

Laser broadband cladding head and quenching head

Product parameters:

Product model: ucrt-100A

Fiber access mode: straight in or straight out

Collimation distance: any

Focus distance: any

Applicable wavelength: 900-1100nm

Interface matched to fiber: QBH or QD

Power: ≤8000W

Rectangular spot: size long X width (optional)

Optional module: side feed nozzle, side powder supply bracket and light barrier

Laser robot cladding site:

Laser robot cladding

Plasma cladding machine site:

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