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How to establish and create welding robots?

How to establish and create welding process for welding robots?

天津快乐十分开奖结果In the "process package" interface, select the "welding" icon to enter the "welding process" creation interface, as shown in Figure 8.14, and complete the setting of parameters "welding process name", "welding machine brand", "continuous arcing times", "enabling backoff function" and "backoff distance".

Welding process name: Create the program name of "Welding Machine Process".

Welding Machine Brand: The system provides four kinds of welding machine brands, namely "Eudixi", "Meganick", "Magmitt" and "Jinrui"。

Number of continuous arcing: Set the number of "continuous arcing".

When choosing the parameter of "Enabling Back-off Function", it is necessary to set the parameter of "Back-off Distance" in millimeters (mm).

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