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Disc pole scaffolding automatic welding equipment

Disc pole scaffolding automatic welding equipment technical solution

First, the welding object;

1。 Welding object: scaffolding pole welding;

2. Material: Q235

3。 Tube diameter: ¢48 mm;

4, the length of the workpiece: 3000 mm;

5, the wall thickness: 3.2mm;

Second, the main technical parameters:

天津快乐十分开奖结果1. Welding speed: 2~10 mm/s;

2, the maximum swing diameter of the bed; 150 mm;

3, carrying welding current: 350A;

4, carrying weight: 20Kg。

5, with 12 guns simultaneous welding function, can be switched to use.

Third, the equipment overview:

Functional requirements

1。 Meet the corner joint welding of the outer tube and the flower piece;

2。 The welding special machine adopts the workpiece pre-pointing and then puts it on the equipment for welding, adopting the mode of workpiece rotation and welding gun fixing; the welding gun is equipped with three-dimensional adjustment mechanism, two-axis angle adjusting device, and different welding angles can be adjusted; the top tightening device adopts air pressure control, The special machine adopts a programmable controller (PLC) control system to realize automated process production。

Fourth, the system features:

1。 Welding process: using gas shielded welding method, the workpiece rotates;

2, welding power supply: welding power supply using gas shielded welding machine;

3, welding position requirements: horizontal position clamping, operation;

4。 Special machine structure: The welding machine tool is made of carbon steel, which is solid and stable。 The active mechanism and the air pressure tailstock are arranged at both ends of the device, the machine head is fixed, and the tailstock activity is adjustable;

天津快乐十分开奖结果5, the active machine head; the workpiece rotation is driven by the stepping motor + reducer + clamp clamping, the movement is stable, the speed is stepless speed regulation between 0.2-3.5rpm; the whole tailstock is guided by precision guide rails (accommodating different lengths) Workpiece)

6. Tailstock: The top of the tight part adopts the air pressure tip;

7. Welding gun moving mechanism: The welding gun is pneumatically up and down, and manually moves left and right.

8。 Pressure roller mechanism: Correct the straightness of the pipe through the pneumatic wheel mechanism, and also prevent the pipe from deforming during the process。

9. Lifting light curtain: The movable light curtain is arranged in front, the arc radiation and the welding splash are protected from the human body, and the equipment looks beautiful; the dust cover is provided.

10, pneumatic control system: top-level expansion, system statistics in line with national standards;

11. Electrical control system: The programmable controller (PLC) is used as the main control unit, the output point is equipped with the intermediate relay protector, and the human-machine interface touch screen is used as the parameter adjustment dialogue interface. The touch screen can set the welding speed of each layer, with the automatic gun enhancement function, manual, automatic function, output setting and current output display function.

12. The adjustment of the full digital welding specification can be realized on the console, the setting can be implemented, the welding speed can be adjusted steplessly, the numerical display, the number of welding rings are placed, and the equipment has multiple storage functions of the welding work area parameters;

13. Set the electrical control cabinet and operation box separately.

14, equipment color: paint is matt paint, the color specified by the user (users need to provide a standard color card).

V. Automatic welding operation procedure: (internal cylinder) manually put the workpiece on the bracket → press the pneumatic cylinder to act, tighten the workpiece → the welding gun 1 is placed in the position → the welding power supply automatically triggers the arc, reaches the normal welding current, and the workpiece rotates automatically. →When the welding is completed, the welding gun is lifted → reset → exit the top cylinder → remove

天津快乐十分开奖结果Sixth, environmental requirements:

1. Power supply (provided by the purchaser): System control: single-phase AC220V350A welder: three-phase 50Hz; 50Hz power AC380V

2, gas source demand (provided by the demand side); 0.4~0.8Mpa;

天津快乐十分开奖结果3. Relative humidity: <80%;

天津快乐十分开奖结果4. Equipment and accessories must be designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with GB5083-85 "Production Equipment Safety, Hygienic Design General Rules" and GB4064-83 "Safety Equipment Safety Design Guidelines" and the following national standards: GB87BJ18 industrial enterprise production Process noise control specification Mechanical industry occupational safety and health design specification Mechanical equipment installation engineering construction and acceptance General GB502318 specification JB/ZQ4000.3—86

Seven, the supply of debugging artifacts

Welded part structural dimensional tolerance tolerance

1. Providing debugging by Party B without compensation, and qualified workpieces required for trial operation (the specific quantity is determined by negotiation);

2. When Party A adjusts the test and acceptance, Party B shall provide a certain number of qualified test pieces for consultation (determined by the specific quantity).

Eight, technical information provided:

1。 Electrical schematic diagram, electrical wiring diagram, electrical component layout diagram;

2. Special machine manual (including certificate);

3。 Packing list;

4. The main components adopt domestic famous brands.

9. Acceptance:

1. Pre-acceptance; at the supplier's site, after the acceptance is passed, both parties sign the “pre-acceptance summary”;

2. Final acceptance: On the demand side, the buyer is responsible for assisting the installation, the supplier is responsible for assembly, and the commissioning includes technical guidance and personnel training. After the qualification is passed, the buyer shall issue the "final receipt and receipt";

3. All acceptance conditions are subject to final acceptance;

XI, installation and commissioning and warranty services;

1。 The demand side dispatches personnel to cooperate with the installation and commissioning of the equipment and can provide installation tools;

2。 The supplier shall provide the relevant documents for the operation of the demand side, free training for maintenance personnel, including the operation of the machine technology;

3. The warranty period of the equipment is 12 months after the acceptance of the signature. The buyer has an abnormality when using the equipment, notify the seller, reply within 2 hours, arrange the personnel to be on site for repair within 24 hours, and the general fault is completed within 48 hours;

4。 After the expiration of the equipment warranty period, the buyer still has the responsibility and obligation to continue to provide services for the commissioned equipment sold, and can provide extensive and preferential technical services and provide necessary spare parts in a timely manner。

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