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How to create a program for welding robot points?

The welding robot has a "point" "create box", that is, "point" to create the interface, create a "name" of the "point", select whether to use the "tool coordinate system", manually teach the end of the arm to the specified position, click "read" Take the current point button to get the "joint angle coordinate value" of the current "point", and then click the "new" button to complete the creation of "point".

Second: After selecting the [Program Management] icon in the “Teacher” login main interface (shown in Figure 2.4), select the “Point” management, enter the “Point Management” interface, and then click the “New” button. Also enter the creation interface of "point".

The specific operation mode of the system “manual teaching”: in the “manual” state of the system, press any “enable” switch at the bottom of the “teaching device”, that is, “enable”, set the “teaching speed”。 With the "operation type", the joint movement of the arm is operated by the "teaching device" film matrix button。

If you select "Use" "Tool Coordinate System" during the "Point" creation process, then the "Point" in the entire "Program" must select "Use" and be the same "Tool Coordinate System".

If the location of the "point" has been created, you can also select the "reference point" icon in the "point" creation interface (shown in Figure 4.3) and directly "reference" it.

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