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How does the welding robot operate the function instructions?

天津快乐十分开奖结果The welding robot includes six types of "starting tracking", "stop tracking", "starting the arc", "stopping the arc", "starting the coordination" and "stopping the coordination" in the task type "function instruction"。 Among them, the "start tracking" and "stop tracking" task types, the "starting swing" and "stop swing" task types, and the "start coordination" and "stop coordination" task types are also used together。

The "Start Tracking" and "Stop Tracking" task types in the system are represented by "TRACK"; the "Starting Swing Arc" and "Stopping Swing" task types are represented by "WAVE"; the "Start Collaboration" and "Stop Collaboration" task types are used. "COOPERATE" means.

天津快乐十分开奖结果When applying the 6 types of the "Function Command" task type, first create the "Function Program", then select the corresponding "Function Program" when "Enable".

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