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How is palletizing robot palletiz process established?

The palletizing robot creates a “stacking process” in three steps: (1) creating a “user coordinate system”; (2) creating a “code processing” program; and (3) creating a “template” and generating a “basic program”.

Ø Basic information

(1) Basic situation: A brief description of some terms in the palletizing robot palletizing process and the need to set basic parameters。

垛: The workpiece, object or product that needs to be stacked.

Tray: Refers to an area for stacking “垛”。 The system is represented by “Pallet Process”, a total of 100 (Pallet 0-99), which can support up to 100 trays。

垛 position: The stacking position of “垛” in the “tray”, represented by “coordinate data” of “user coordinate system”, which includes “XYZ” and “rotation angle”。

Release point: indicates the placement position of the "first 垛", and the coordinates of each 垛 are offset and calculated based on it.

Transition point: In the current palletizing process, it is used to mark the intermediate point during the robot robot's movement from the external mechanism (such as the conveyor belt) to the pallet.

Auxiliary Point - Preparation Point: Prepare to "grab" the workpiece point, mainly the offset of the current "垛 position" height direction。 When tilting is required, the offset in the XY direction can be set, the direction is the user coordinate direction, and the height is higher than the already placed workpiece。

    Auxiliary Point - The exit point: The point at which the workpiece is "grabbed" after leaving the point, mainly the offset of the current "垛 position" height direction.

The number of layout methods: the number of “placement methods”, the range is “1-99”, that is, up to 99 different emission modes can be realized, usually 1 layer and 1 “layout method”.

天津快乐十分开奖结果(2) Variable description: The relationship between "tray" and "variable" in palletizing is one-to-one correspondence. The first "tray" variable number is "GP_100", the second "tray" variable number is "GP_101", the third "tray" variable number is "GP_102", etc., and the "GP_199" is the hundredth. The variable number of the "tray".

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