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How do palletizing robots create templates ?

How do palletizing robots create templates and practical applications?

In the interface of "creating template" for palletizing process, it is necessary to set up "palletizing process type", "pallet", "clamping signal port", "pallet ready signal port", "grabbing auxiliary relay serial number", "workpiece ready signal port", "overtake point", "ready release point", " The parameters of joint motion speed, linear motion speed, pick-up point and pick-up departure point, etc.

Palletizing process types are divided into four types: single-wire single-disk, single-wire double-disk, double-wire single-disk and double-wire double-disk。

Pallet: Select the name of pallet, that is, the name of palletizing process program created。

Signal port after clamping: After clamping, the sensor output signal is connected to the IO output port of the system。

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