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How to apply the stamping robot process?

How to apply the stamping robot process?

The successful stamping process program created by stamping robot will be "saved" to "stamping" file of "process package" in "program management". The "stamping process program" can be "generated", "saved as", "details" and "edited" in "stamping" file.

Generation - Click on the Generation button to convert the selected "stamping process" program to "basic program"。

Save as - By "Save as" operation, the selected "stamping process" program can be backed up again.

Details - can enter the "create" interface of "stamping process program" through "details" operation to "query" and "modify".

Edit - Select the "Edit" button to "delete" the "stamping process" program.

天津快乐十分开奖结果When creating and completing "stamping process program", it is first saved as "process program", and then selected "save" to convert to the corresponding "basic program".

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