ABB IRB1410 Welding

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ABB IRB1410 Welding Robot

ABB IRB1410 robot is a cost-effective, stable, reliable and widely used welding robot system, which is suitable for various metal processing applications。 It can change the number of external axes and the form of positioner according to the actual needs of the workpiece, cooperate with the detection of the beginning of the robot, arc tracking and multi-layer multi-pass welding functions, and can complete all of them。 Welding of medium and heavy plate workpiece with various grooves;

It can realize high quality welding of low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloy, copper and copper alloy。

Products are suitable for construction machinery, coal machinery, automobiles, pressure vessels, railway locomotives, heavy industry and other industries。

ABB IRB1410 parameters:

- Wrist weight: 5kg

Maximum Arm Spread Radius: 1.44M

Number of axes: 6 axes

Repeated positioning accuracy: 0.05mm

- Axis Motion: Axis Motion Range

1 gyration + 170 - 170

2 vertical arms + 70-70 degrees

3 wishbone + 70-65 degrees

4 wrists + 150-150 degrees

5 wrist Pendulum + 115 - 115 degrees

6 Wrist Rotation+300-300 Degree

Power: AC 3-phase, 380V (+10%, -15%), 50Hz

Power consumption: 4.5KVA

- Robot size: base 620 x 450 mm

- Robot weight: 225kg

Maximum humidity: 95%

Environmental temperature: 5 C - 45 C

Robot Controller Model: IRC5

IRC5 New Industrial Robot Controller

Control Hardware: Multiprocessor System, Pentium II CPU

USB storage interface control software

Rapid Robotic Programming Language, Robotware Software Production

Power supply voltage: 200-600V, 50-60Hz

Environmental temperature: 5-45 degrees

Instructor: 1.3kg, graphical color touch screen with switchable interface between Chinese and English

Input/output: up to 1024 signals

Digital signal: 24V DC or relay signal

New functions, new advantages:

IRC5 control and drive module adopts building block design. For each additional robot, only one driver module is needed, and one controller can control four robots.

Robot studio online software can program online and access the robot controller online。

Multimove uses compound motion mode to realize the linkage of multiple robots for the same workpiece。

Motion control: the motion control of the robot body, if there is an external axis, can do the start and stop of rotation, rotation speed, rotation angle, peripheral device control;

The main functions of the control device are: the number of control axles is 6, the external axle can be expanded according to the user's requirements, and the linkage can be realized;

Position control mode: absolute encoder;

Acceleration and deceleration control: software servo control;

Teaching methods: point motion control, trajectory motion control;

Coordinate control: four coordinate systems (joint, right angle, tool, workpiece coordinate system);

User program editing: with editing, inserting, modifying, deleting functions;

Program Testing: It has the function of no welding system and empty running program to check whether the program trajectory is correct or not.

Velocity control: joint, straight line, arc speed setting;

Point operation: achievable;

Trajectory confirmation: one-step forward, backward, continuous progress;

Timer settings: 0.01 seconds;

Control commands: provide control commands that can be programmed in robotic programs;

Shortcut function: Provide shortcut keys, which can open a function directly;

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