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YASKAWA welding robot MA1440 product introduction:

天津快乐十分开奖结果SLIM, fast six-axis MA1440WASKAWA welding robot improves productivity and achieves the highest welding performance. Large, 50mm through hole for torch wiring, sensor wire and water cooling. Eliminate cable interference, simplify programming, reduce cable wear. The 6 kg payload supports electric torches and sensors. Hollow upper arm keeps the optimum bending radius of torch cable and maximizes welding performance. T-axis can rotate torch (+210 degrees) without cable interference. The new contour arm design reduces the interference of fixture and large parts. Optimized feeder installation area reduces interference. The smallest U-axis cable protrusion eliminates interference from peripheral equipment. Symmetrical wrist contours provide equal torch access to both parts. Ideally suitable for high-density working units, multi-robots work in close proximity. The slender arm can easily touch the parts, avoiding potential interference to the fixture. It can also increase the material handling application of 12 kg payload capacity (MH12).

Anchuan welding robot MA1440 can carry all kinds of servo welding torches and sensors through high-speed action, reduce rhythm, new structure, improve ease of use.

* 1:F = floor type, W = wall-mounted type, C = upside-down type, S = bracket type (wall-mounted type, the movement of S axis will be limited, please note. )

* 2: JIS B 8432 is the benchmark.

* 3: Different action modes depend on the use。

* 4: For high precision applications, the recommended load is below 30KG.

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