FANUC M-10iD/8L welding

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product description

FANUC M-10iD/8L welding robot 

Fanaco Welding Robot m-10id/8L

M-10iD/8L robot is a small cable-built intelligent handling robot with gear drive mechanism, which can correspond to the load of high moment of inertia and realize slender cable-built arm。 It not only enlarges the hollow diameter of the rotating shaft, but also enlarges the hollow diameter of the wrist shaft, so that the rear of the tool control box can be made。 The wiring and piping can be placed in the hollow part of the rotating shaft, and the wiring and piping used to control the manipulator can be placed in the arm。 At the same time, the toolbox can also be compactly accommodated in the rear of the arm, and can strengthen the rigidity of the arm。 Even after high-speed non-operation, it can realize non-vibration positioning。 In addition, through high-speed and high-precision action to improve production efficiency, using ROBOGUIDE (option) for off-line teaching can significantly reduce the teaching time, but also can use a variety of intelligent functions, such as iRVision (built-in visual function) or force sensor。

The high strength arm and the most advanced servo control technology can effectively improve the speed of each axis and the performance of acceleration and deceleration. The operation time of sports is shortened by more than 15%, which achieves the highest production capacity in the industry. A brake is installed on the drive shaft of the motor, which acts on the principle of closed circuit and automatically holds the brake in case of power loss to avoid dangerous movement.




Multi-joint Robot

Number of control axes

6 axes (J1, J2, J3, J4, J5, J6)

Reachable radius

2032 mm

Installation Method (Note 1)

Ground installation, ceiling installation, inclination angle installation

Scope of action (Note 2)

(Maximum speed)













Maximum speed of wrist movement

2000 mm/s

Maximum load on wrist


J3 Arm Maximum Load

12 kg (Note 3)

Wrist Allowable Load Torque


16.1 Nm


16。1 Nm


5.9 Nm

Permissible load inertia of wrist


0.63 KGM


0。63 KGM


0.061 KGM

Driving mode

AC servo motor drive

Repeated positioning accuracy

+ 0。03 mm

Robot Mass (Note 4)

180 kg

Input Power Supply Power (Average Power Consumption)

2 kVA (1 kW)

Installation conditions

Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 45 C

Environmental humidity: usually below 75% RH (no condensation), short-term below 95% RH (within a month)

Vibration acceleration: below 4.9 m/s(0.5G)

Note 1) The range of motion of the J1 and J2 axes of the robot will be limited if inclined mounting is adopted.

Note 2) The maximum nominal velocity of each axis may not be achieved in short distance motion.

Note 3) Limited according to the weight of the wrist load.

Note 4) The quality of the robot controller is not included.

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