FANUC welding robot M-10iD12_Laser Weld,Cut,Stamp,Bending,Spray,Palletiz

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FANUC welding robot M-10iD12


FANUC welding robot M-10iD12

FANUC welding robot M-10iD12

SAF Welding Machine for FANUC Welding Robot M-10iD12

SAF welding 420:

DIGIPULS420 Welding Power Supply

DIGIPULS 420 is a MIG/MAG standard welding equipment with simple operation interface, advanced welding technology and high quality welding quality and high cost performance.

DIGIPULS420 welding system consists of:

DIGIPULS420 welding system consists of DIGIPULS 420 welding power source, welding robot wire feeder, wire feeder midway line, etc. The welding torch interface of wire feeder is European interface, which can quickly install standard European interface robot welding torch.

V Fully Digital Control Inverter Pulse MIG/MAG Welding Machine, Accurate Control, Latest Technology in Europe

V humanized design, ergonomics, and won the French JANUS Industrial Design Award

VGENIUS expert system, knob selection, easy operation; digital display

V multi-patented technology to ensure the optimal welding quality

V-cold dual-pulse CDP: automatic sequencing of two welding procedures to limit the heat input, and can obtain a weld appearance comparable to TIG welding; suitable for thin plate welding; prevent deformation

V fast short arc: realizing short-circuit transition in particle transition current range, increasing short-circuit transition current range, improving welding speed, reducing deformation and spatter, and reducing smoke and dust emission

V-order mode: welding current can be adjusted by moving torch switch, and up to 4 set welding currents can be invoked.

VMIG Brazing: Suitable for the welding of electroplated metal sheet。 The allowable tolerance of weld seam is very large and the deformation is reduced。

V Increase the frequency of inversion to 200 KHz, speed up the reaction speed of welding machine, and reduce the actual output error.

V can be equipped with digital display welding torch: the current can be adjusted during welding and welding procedure can be invoked.

V equipment itself has more than 150 welding expert procedures, welding machine can store 100 welding procedures.

V can be used for manual welding, automatic welding, suitable for welding all metals;

Various welding cycles, such as v2T, 4T, spot welding, 4th order mode, double pulse, etc.

V can be equipped with push-pull wire welding torch and LCD digital display welding torch with built-in remote controller

V pre-welding gas detection function; automatic start-up detection; digital display of welding parameters; error message prompt; locking welding parameters (to prevent changes)

V. Expert program can be downloaded remotely and welding software can be updated at any time.

V Increase the volume of cooling water tank to 10L, increase the cooling effect and improve the efficiency of welding machine

V. Close the cooling ducts on both sides and change to the front and back cooling mode to avoid aluminium chip entering when grinding in workshop. It is suitable for use in harsh environment.

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