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Robot two-axis C-frame


The robot C-frame is also divided into three types, Z-axis C-type, Y-axis C-type, and X-axis C-type. The two-axis robot C-frame is the three C-frames, and the two-axis servo motor is used with the 6-axis robot. The composition of the 8-axis linkage can be divided into the following three cases:

1, 8-axis linkage robot = 6-axis robot + Z-axis C-frame + Y-axis C-frame

2, 8-axis linkage robot = 6-axis robot + Y-axis C-frame + X-axis C-frame

3, 8-axis linkage robot = 6-axis robot + X-axis C-frame + Z-axis C-frame

The robotic two-axis C-frame is widely used in the fields of loading and unloading, palletizing, welding and cutting。

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