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AW200 Power Source for orbital Welding System

product description

AW200 Power Source

  • Most functional orbital welding power Source

  • Mostly Used for Pipe Welding

  • Suitable for all orbital welding heads, with all power source functions in the market

  • The AW400 Power Source is designed and manufactured according to advanced technology。 The power source is made up of controller, power supply and water cooler。 

  • AW400 is designed for medium and thick-wall pipe to pipe welding applications. It is commonly used for chemical, boiler, shipyard, nuclear plant, marine & offshore, and aviation aerospace industries, etc.


  • Equipment adopts Siemens PLC control platform, designed for industrial design, resolution monitor a variety of output and high signal sampling.

  • Easy operation without specialized personnel to operate.

  • User-friendly programming, operating as a mobile phone, you can enter numbers to set parameter.

  • Real-time display welding voltage, welding current, walking distance / degree, and control of welding stroke, automatic attenuation.

  • Precisely set distance between tungsten and workpiece, tungsten electrode touching the workpiece then upgrade to the set value, and realize high-frequency arc.

  • Automatic fault diagnosis function, error code is displayed。

  • Modular design, easy maintenance and repair.

  • It can store100 programs, ten interval

Control Panel:

(1) Shielding gas control  

(2) DC / pulse current selection

Optional DC / pulse frequency modulation, high frequency arc in welding process, pulse frequency 0.5 ~ 50Hz, can set welding stroke and automatic attenuation.

(3) Rotational speed control

Can control welding operation direction (forward, reverse), rotation speed control.

(4) Wire feed control

Wire feed switch, set wire feed speed, wire feed latency, and wire Withdrawing time, and set the increment, in welding process, welding parameters can be modified。

(5) Arc length control

Automatic arc length control ON / OFF: ON / OFF

Technical Parameters:

Power supply typeInverter
Welding power source200A
Duty cycle (20 ℃)200A 60%

155A 1 00%
No-load voltage65V
Input voltage220V ± 10% 50 Hz
Torch coolingExternal water cooling
display7-inch touch screen
control functionDC / pulse current

Rotary motion

Wire feed motion

Shielding gas control

Arc length control

Yaw control
Programs can be stored100
Dimensions586 × 312× 370mm


Main parts list:

No.namePlace of origin
1Main inverterGermany EWM
2PLCGermany’s Siemens
5Water and gas fittingsItaly
6Aviation plug connectorUnited States
7touch screenTaiwan

AW200 Power Source for Orbital Welding System


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