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high precision metal fiber laser cutting machine 500w raycools cutting head

product description

high precision metal fiber laser cutting machine 500w raycools cutting head


Product Details

Certification: ISO9001:2008
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: WOODEN CASE
Delivery Time: 15 DAYS
Supply Ability: 2000 UNITS

Detailed Product Description

Cutting Area:300mm*150mmLaser Source:Fiber Laser
Cutting Head:RaycoolsChiller:S&A
CNC Cutting System:AHEADCUTAir-operated System:SMC
Electric System:SchneiderGuide Rail:PMI

The advanced fiber laser, available to cutting most of the metal sheet materials. Integrated design of machines tool accessories, fast disassemble and installation; funnel collection of both left side and right side, space-saving, energy saving, and low cost. Movable Gantry machine tool structure, to ensure long-time stability and security; Import servo systems and CNC systems, with good compatibility, strong stability, convenient maintenance and excellent processing capacity.


1. Import original packaging fiber laser, good bean quality, stable performance, without reflection lens and light path adjustment, maintenance free essentially, 100,000 hours working time
2. High rigidity machine bed, adopts exclusive standard annealing processing with high-temperature NC electric resistance furnace, ensure long-time stable precision of the machine tool
3. High transformation efficiency of fiber laser, which up to 30%, saving the working power consumption by a large margin, achieves low operating costs
4. Adopts the imported original guide transmission and servo motors, high precision, high speed
5. Smooth cutting edge, little deformation
6. Low power consumption, energy saving, overall power consumption 1/3-1/5 of the same power YAG machines, 3 times sheet metal cutting speed
7. Laser generated without gas, air can be used to cut sheet metal

Technical parameters

Machine Model: LF3015M
Laser type: Import original fiber laser
Laser power: 500W / 1000W (optional)
Weight: 4500kg
Dimensions: 4600 * 2450 * 1700
Working area: 3000 * 1500mm (Customizable, 1500 * 4000mm, 2000 * 4000mm, 1500 * 6000mm,etc )
Repeat positioning accuracy: ± 0.02mm
Maximum speed: 50m / min
Maximum Acceleration: 0.3G
Transmission: High precision ball screw
Power consumption: <10KW (<12KW-1000W)
Power supply: 380V / 50Hz / 60Hz / 60A

NameQty.Original placeManufacture


1Laser Source(800W)1ChinaMAX
2Cutting Head1SwissRAYTOOLS
3Machine bed and accessories1ChinaMX laser
4Electric System1Japan,GermanyOMRON,Schneider
5Air-operated System1JapanSMC
6Gear Rack3ChinaMX laser
7Guide Rail3TaiwanPMI
8Reduction Box3ChinaMX laser
9Accessories of Bed1ChinaMX laser
10CNC Cutting System1USAAHEADCUT
11Industrial Control Computer1USAAHEADCUT
12AC server motor and drive4ChinaMX laser
13Water chiller1ChinaMX laser
14Waste recovery device1China

Applied Fields of laser cutting machine

Specialized fast speed cutting of a variety of metal plates, pipes (add pipe cutting device), mainly used in stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, brass, aluminum, steel, various alloy plate, rare metal and other materials


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