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Horizontal single axis servo positioner

product description

Horizontal single axis servo positioner 

 Horizontal single axis servo positioner

This horizontal single axis servo positioner consists of fixing base, rotary main spindle case, horizontal rotary disk, AC servo motor, RV precise reducer, conductive system, protective cover and electrical control system.

The fixed base is welded with high quality profiles, after annealing stress and special mechanical treatment so the machining accuracy and the use accuracy are assured. Antirust appearance paint is beautiful and elegant, and the color can be customized.

rotary main spindle case is made by high-quality profiles, after annealing and special mechanical treatment ensure durability and stability after a long time use.

Horizontal rotary disc is made by high-quality quality profilesafter annealing stress and special mechanical treatment so the degree of surface finish and the stability are assured。 With standard pitch tapped hole on the surface it’s easy to install positioning tooling。

The AC servo motor matching the RV reducer can guarantee the high rotary stability, high positioning accuracy, the long durability, the low failure rate.

We choose brass as the conductive material, because it has good electrical conductivity. The conduct substrate is integral isolated, so the servo motor, robot body, welding power source is completely safe.

We choose Omron(Japan) PLC to control the positioner, electrical elements are all from famous brand so it has stability, low failure rate.

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