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180 Degree overturning machine with moving

product description

180 Degree overturning machine with moving


Moving type 180°overturning machine is composed of main machine,hydraulic system and electrical control system.Main machine is composed of 90°overturning arm,base frame,moving wheel group,moving motor gearbox and rail.

  When working away from roller conveyor,gear motor driving two groups overturning frame moving synchronize,to make workpiece moving to the size of roller conveyor,and finally oil cylinder push arm to turning work piece 180 degree,and then moving to roller conveyor and conveying,cable oil pipe adopt drag link packing,safety and beauty,reliable,the total machine structure is compact and operation is simple.

Main Technical Parameters

Suitable for weight of workpiece≤15ton
Max.section dimension of overturning workpiece800×1500mm
Moving motor power2×1.5KW
Moving speed6m/min
Overturning cylinder diameterφ140mm
Max。pressure of hydraulic system20Mpa
Power of the machine18.5KW

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